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The flooring of the future is here today

What is Designer Rock Floors?

  • Smooth river rock bound in an epoxy sealant.

  • Seamless installation which gives it the continuous flow characteristics of carpet.

  • A durable long lasting finish with a unique appearance like no other flooring product.

Qualities of Designer Rock Floors!

  • The porous material of Designer Rock Floors make it highly absorbent of dirt, grime and spills which provides a clean and safe slip-resistant surface.

  • Stain resistant with easy cleanup using common household cleaning products.

  • Can be mopped, wet or dry vacuumed or even power washed in outdoor applications.

Versatility of Designer Rock Floors!

  • The durability of Designer Rock Floors make it perfect for both indoor and outdoor installation.

  • Due to the unique installation method the design possibilities are virtually endless. Logos, messages and artwork can be embedded seamlessly into the flow of the product.

  • With 21 natural colors available and the potential to combine these colors in any variety provide a selection that cannot be matched by any other product.